College Planning Fee

May 31 Reminder

If you have friends and family that have expressed an interest in working with Jamie for college planning, please remind them of our graduated fee schedule that increases as the student's grade increases.  

Jamie does this in an attempt to get parents to bring the students to her at an earlier age.  She is more successful working with a student over an extended period of time.

The fee for college planning is a ONE-TIME retainer before May 31 of the grade year as follows.  Class of:

  • 2019 = $2,000
  • 2018 = $2,250
  • 2017 = $2,500
  • 2016 = $2,750

This offers unlimited sessions, subject to availability, with Jamie through July of the student's senior year.  

You can hire online and book your first appointment from this link:

To hire, click:

>Pay for Services tab
>College Planning
>Pick your graduating year
>Enter credit card information

To make your appointment, click:

>Private Appointments tab
>College Planning
>Office Consultation
>Pick your date and time

It's that simple.

If you have any questions, please email or call us at 304-556-4807.

Thank you!

The Jamie Dickenson Team

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