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Enhance Your Child’s Ability to be as Successful as Possible.

As parents, you strive to help your children as much as possible. Despite your best efforts, however, you may see them struggling in some areas.  These struggles may occur early in a child’s development, manifested as difficulty understanding directions, learning to read or managing social interactions. For others, the challenge may arise as a child progresses in age, whether it involves reading comprehension, completing tests in the allotted time period, attending to tasks or organizing tasks and materials.

Despite assistance, these struggles may persist, leaving parents, children and teachers feeling frustrated or helpless. Under those circumstances, a psychoeducational evaluation may open the door to greater understanding of your child by everyone involved and help point the way toward solutions. Our evaluations help determine if your child has a learning difference, or other issues that negatively impact his or her ability to learn. We want to help your family understand how your child learns.

Our highly qualified staff uses evidence based practices, resources, and implemented with discretion and fidelity. The comprehensive testing is not only for treatment, but for academic accommodations and self knowledge. We want to build trust and respect among families.  Accepting students ages 5 through 21, private pay only.


Evaluations and Fees



Start Here. Your child is struggling, and you don’t know why. The only way to get a full picture is to have your child evaluated. This is not an easy decision. You may worry about stigma, or labeling.  You may even wonder if your child’s difficulties are serious enough for an assessment. An initial consultation with our school psychologist is a good place to start putting the puzzle together. 

- 1 Hour Sessions, $125 per hour.


Intellectual : Comprehensive Intelligence testing with a brief written report. $350.


Academic : Achievement testing in all academic areas (basic reading, reading comprehension, math reasoning, math calculation, written expression) with a brief report. $500.



  - abbreviated intelligence testing

  - phonological processing, processing speed, retrieval speed, working memory, visual-motor skills

  - achievement testing in basic reading, reading comprehension, reading fluency

  - written report with suggestions for intervention

  - $850



  - Assessments typically include comprehensive intelligence testing, assessment of adaptive/daily living skills, behavioral/social skills assessment, evaluation of verbal and nonverbal communication skills, screening of motor skills, screening of academic/pre-academic skills, and play observation when appropriate.

  - Comprehensive written report with suggestions for intervention

  - $900



  - comprehensive intelligence testing

  - basic achievement screening

  - behavior analysis/checklists

  - computerized attention assessments

  - memory and processing speed screening

  - written report with suggestions for intervention

  - $1100

Complete Evaluation (Recommended)

• Comprehensive Intelligence, Memory, and Achievement Testing in all Academic Areas.

• Computerized Attention Assessment.

• Behavior/Emotional/Social Assessment.

• Comprehensive testing of all neuropsychological processing areas appropriate, such as processing speed, visual-motor skills, visual-preceptual skills, auditory processing skills, phonological processing skills, attention/concentration skills, oral language.

• Comprehensive report with suggestions for intervention.

• $2250



Overcome School Challenges!

Payment plans available to fit your budget.

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