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College Planning


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For students in grades 8 - 12


Many families wait until the last minute to begin planning for life after high school. By committing to the educational planning process early, a student can increase the likelihood of being accepted into a college or university with the most to offer. As a Certified Educational Planner, Jamie Dickenson and her staff serve as advisors, mentors, and friends as we guide families in having the best college experience for the least amount of money. 


To find out more details regarding our college planning services, parents may schedule a free 30 minute strategy session. If you want a more personalized approach, families may attend an initial consultation that serves as an introduction to the college planning process. We prefer for parents to attend all the meetings for college planning in order for everyone to get the most out of the process. Starting as early as eighth grade through the end of junior year, we help students in five areas: maintaining good grades in a difficult degree of curriculum, planning and preparing for standardized tests, designating and understanding their college major, developing a college list, and keeping track of extra-curricular activities for resume building.


As for senior year, there is a lot more to do. Jamie and her staff will provide guidance as:


  • August: Student complete admission applications to the colleges on their list. 
  • October: Parents complete financial aid applications.
  • November: Student fill out scholarship applications.  
  • March/April: Families determine the net out-of-pocket costs at each university at which the student was accepted.
  • May: Student make their final decision regarding which college they will attend.


In addition to creating crucial timelines, we offer personalized coaching and, discusses important issues regarding college, such as establishing realistic expectations and much more.



Student Services Include:

Assistance with...


  • High school course selection
  • Advice on SAT/ACT testing 
  • Maintaining a good GPA
  • Selecting a major
  • Compiling a list of colleges
  • Keeping a resume
  • Admission applications
  • Scholarship searches and applications
  • Interview tips
  • Essay Strategies

Parent Services Include:

Assistance with...


  • Developing personalized strategies to reduce the Expected Family Contribution (EFC)
  • Completing state financial aid forms
  • Checking the accuracy of your Student Aid Report (SAR)
  • Evaluating financial aid award letters
  • Negotiating a better financial aid package


Interested in Transferring Colleges?


Jamie helps students find the college of their dreams. But what happens when a student chooses a college and discovers it isn't right for them? The transfer process can be scary but not impossible.  We can help you determine how transferring might impact your financial aid and your time to degree completion.


Here are some common mistakes students make when transferring colleges:


  • failing to send official transcripts from EVERY previous school attended, even dual credit courses.
  • failing to change the school code on their FAFSA which can delay financial aid.
  • failing to look for scholarships or in-state tuition agreements with out-of-state institutions.
  • failing to consider the ramifications of losing their Promise scholarship when moving from an in-state to out-of-state school.


Make an appointment today to learn more about what you need to be prepared for when transferring to another college.



Interested in Applying to Graduate School?


Jamie also works with students applying to the following graduate schools:

  • law school;
  • medical school;
  • pharmacy school;
  • and numerous other graduate level programs.


She helps students through the decision making phase of their path to a graduate school by helping them:

  • Select a major
  • Compile a college list
  • Fill out applications
  • Personal statement assistance
  • Test prep and scheduling


You have completed your prerequisites for graduate school, built your resume by getting involved in your community, and taken your standardized tests.  Now you are at the crucial application process where your goal is to tell the admissions committee why they should invite you for an interview.  


We know how tedious this process can be so we are here to guide you through the process to increase your chances of getting into the graduate school of your choice.


Assistance is available for:


  • Personal statement completion or review
  • Activities write up or review
  • Course input
  • Letters of recommendation request
  • Interview preparation
  • General guidelines




"Jamie is committed to working with students and families to ensure the best college match - academically, socially and financially." - Leigh Latherow

"Your service has been a great help to us, the school system fails our students in the knowledge of preparation to get in to a college or university. Had it not been for your service, we would not have known about options that are available." - James Warden

Are you ready for the answers to the questions about college that have been on your mind but you've been afraid to ask?


Check out Jamie's Fee Schedule page.  Such a small price to pay for peace of mind!

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