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ACT Crash & Cram Courses

There are five critical concepts that make the ACT Crash/Cram courses productive.

1.  Effectiveness:  â€¨Whether it be the 8 hour Crash option or the 4 hour cram option, the classes are effective by teaching students in minimal time. Despite overall class time being shortened, students are placed in a setting of equal length to the ACT. This prepares them for the mental strain of the lengthy ACT. 

2. Overview:  Students overview everything necessary on each section of the ACT to fully prepare them for the test.

3. Test Taking Strategies:  The courses teach students how to effectively utilize the best test-taking strategies to simplify the test, maximize the pace at which students answer questions, and increase their scores. 

4. Strengthen:  In conjunction with the ACT Crash/Cram classes, students have prepared for the ACT their entire life by attending school. The ACT Crash/Cram courses reinforce what students have already learned and fully educate students on all unfamiliar material. Not only do the courses teach students for the upcoming test, but they also give students methods to strengthen their weakness. With the Crash/Cram class we are not trying to keep pulling you back in. The methods given to students during the ACT Crash/Cram classes can be re-used any other time the student takes the ACT, so other than a quick refresher, there is no reason to come back for ACT Test Prep. 

5. Accessed Individually:  Despite the classroom experience, students are accessed individually, so the instructor and student know each other each student on a personal basis. In addition to individual assessment, teachers analyze each students progress and understanding of material throughout the class.

So what are the differences between the Crash and the Cram?

The ACT Crash class consists of two four hour sessions. The first session is heavily based in familiarizing students wit the ACT Test and mastering test taking strategies. The second session is content heavy while reviewing strategies and preparation methods.

The ACT Cram Class consists of one four hour session. This session is the same as the second session of the ACT Crash class. The ACT Cram class is more fitting for students that are already extremely familiar with the ACT. 

Take part in the ACT Crash/Cram courses and evolve your test prep because investing your time in ACT prep is investing in your future!!!

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