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Our Client Loyalty Program

What is the Extra Credit Reward Program?


Jamie rewards her clients for doing business with us!  You get points for participating in all of our college related services. 



Jamie appreciates your business and wants to thank you for being a loyal client.  She understands that you have a choice of businesses which provide similar services.  The Extra Credit Reward Program is her way of thanking you for choosing Jamie Dickenson, LLC for your college planning needs!

How does it work? 

Extra Credit is hosted by Perkville, a company specializing in customer loyalty programs. 


The Extra Credit Reward Program integrates directly with our administrative software.  You will receive an opt-in email to join the reward program.  This email also contains an option to unsubscribe and never receive another notification. 


Perkville will send you an email each time you participate and will track your points automatically. 

How can I earn points? 

  • 1 point for every dollar spent on purchases;
  • 5 points for each Facebook post about us;
  • 5 points for each new Twitter follower;
  • 5 points for each Twitter post about us;
  • 5 points for each appointment attended;
  • 10 points for each appointment booked;
  • 50 points for each testimonial post about us;
  • 100 points on your birthday;
  • 500 points for joining the Extra Credit Rewards Program;
  • 1,000 points when someone you referred books one of our services. 

What perks can I get for my points?

Clients can log into Perkville to see their point totals. Once you have reached a designated point item, you can print a voucher or show your smartphone to our front desk for redemption.  The value of the points is credited in your Jamie Dickenson account to be used toward any services we provide.


  • 1,000 points = $10 
  • 3,000 points = $90 
  • 5,000 points = $250 

What if I haven’t received an email inviting me to join?

Your email will come directly from Perkville, not Jamie Dickenson.  However, you can register anytime by clicking Join Today!  Please make sure that your Perkville email is the same one we have on file to insure your Extra Credit points are posted to your account.

Do I get points for appointments that are booked by the staff?

No.  Only appointments that you have booked online qualify for reward points.  

Is there a fee for participating in the Extra Credit Program?

No.  The reward program is free to all Jamie Dickenson, LLC clients.

How do I earn points for posting on Facebook or Tweeting?

Each time you visit Jamie Dickenson, you will have the opportunity to post one time on Facebook or Twitter.  In order to earn points, you MUST post or tweet through the Perkville site. You will not receive points for posts made through your personal accounts, although we greatly appreciate it if you do! Posts made within Perkville are automatically calculated and credited to your Extra Credit account making it very easy for you to earn points.  

Where do I write a testimonial?    

You can write a testimonial through Listen360, our customer satisfaction software.  After your initial visit and then periodically after future visits, you will receive an email asking how we did in providing your services.  You can fill out a testimonial with the link provided which will be added to our website under the Testimonial page.  Perkville will automatically add the points to your account.

How do I refer a friend?

Jamie knows that students love to participate in activities with their friends.  Submitting a referral is easy with Perkville. When you log into Perkville, a referral link appears as part of your dashboard.  You can also click on the referral prompt in one of your Perkville point notification emails to submit your friends’ email addresses on your phone or computer. Perkville automatically tracks when your friends visit and rewards you accordingly. 

Can I gift my Extra Credit points?

Yes.  However, you must do this through our front desk.  Print out the voucher or show us your smartphone.

How do I update my email settings?

There is an unsubscribe link at the bottom of each email Perkville sends. Once clicked, you may either opt out entirely or request weekly updates. This can also be done through your settings on Perkville.

Is my personal information kept private?

Privacy is very important to us.  Perkville is a trusted partner of Jamie Dickenson, LLC, and will never share or use any of your personal information. 


The Fine Print:

  • Points not valid for cash back (unless required by law).
  • All services purchased are eligible unless otherwise specified.
  • Point requirements and rewards are subject to change.  
  • Points are forfeited if your account becomes inactive.  Accounts become inactive when you have not used Jamie Dickenson, LLC services for 12 months. 
  • Jamie Dickenson, LLC reserves the right to cancel, deactivate, or close a client account for cause, such as fraud.
  • Jamie Dickenson, LLC reserves the right to cancel, deactivate, or close the customer loyalty reward program and will not be responsible for points lost by clients. 




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