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Free Info Sessions


Seminars~~element53A student's future is highly influenced by their academic career, from high school to college.  Jamie Dickenson believes in providing multiple pillars of support for her students and their parents. 


If you are uncertain about making the decision to commit to our services, please sing up for a free strategy session so that you can find out more about us, our mission, and what it means to become a member of the Jamie Dickenson family.


During your 30 minute session, our staff will help you identify which of our services will best help your student.  We feel that we need to get to know you and your student in order to help you make this very important decision.






If you prefer to meet with Jamie individually instead of a free info session, you can book a private appointment for an introductory consultation to help you decide.  The consultation cost is $125 paid in advance.  Introductory consultations are a one-time only offer per family for current high school students.  Jamie does not offer free consultations.   




Don't live close by?


No need to worry - we work with students from all over the country via Skype! And we want to work with you, too!




Don't just take our word for it.  
Hear it from our clients' comments & check out our graduates!


"We were unbelievably impressed by our first meeting. Nate studied more tonight than ever before! Thank you for addressing him directly, as I think his having to account for his decisions and performance really made an impact. Thank you!" - Julie DeTemple

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