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Life Coaching


Services~~element97Adolescence is a chaotic period in most students' lives and sometimes they need help maximizing their potential.  Our life coaches seek to support and guide students through the process of self exploration to personal goal setting.  For this experience, students are paired with a non biased coach who lets them take the command of setting their own goals for a healthy lifestyle and academic success. While our coaches support their students, they also encourage them to make necessary reality checks before taking steps to achieve them.


Does your student need help getting his or her life back on track? 




ADHD Life Coaching


Jamie also offers a specialized form of life coaching for students with ADHD. We know that as a parent, the first instinct you have is to save your child when you see him or her in trouble. Often times with the case of ADHD, parents take such control that they end up doing everything for the child rather than maintaining a supportive distance. Students need to be held accountable for their own education.  


While touring colleges, Jamie found that one third of all students using disability services have ADHD and realized how many students there are who need guidance prior to leaving for college. That is when she decided to become a certified ADHD life coach.


The purpose of life coaching for ADHD students is to ease the transition to independent living for both the child and parents. As children go off to college, parents will no longer be there to rescue them from every struggle. Although some colleges today offer ADHD life coaching, why wait until your child is gone to get help? Give your child the skills he or she needs to be successful now, instead of sending them into battle unarmed.


ADHD life coaching is holistic in design, addressing practical matters such as time management and organization as well as more complex issues including motivation and self-confidence. Life coaches recognize and embrace individual differences while guiding your child to discover his or her own definition of success. Students with ADHD significantly benefit from coaching. Below are a few crucial facts provided by The Edge Foundation, regarding the impact of ADHD on students’ success:


  • High school students with ADHD are 4 times more likely to drop out of school than the general population.
  • 42% of ADHD students are likely to be held back (compared to 13% general population).
  • 60% of ADHD students are likely to be suspended (compared to only 19% of the general population).
  • And 35% of ADHD students won’t graduate at all and those who stay in school will suffer from lack of confidence, higher risk of substance abuse and menial grades (on average a C- or D+).
  • Only 22% of students with ADHD enter college.
  • Only 5% will graduate.


Jamie Dickenson is one of the only certified ADHD life coaches in West Virginia. Using the proven JST coaching model, she and her staff can provide your child with the constructive support he or she needs to become a happy, self-sustaining individual. The model is centered on an individualized plan for success, encompassing all life areas for a positive outlook, improved life balance and well-being. ADHD life coaching offers support, structure, strategies and skills in the areas of executive functioning, attention, focus while increasing self-confidence, self-advocacy and success in all life areas. Also, to instill a sense of responsibility Jamie utilizes a Personal Coaching Agreement (PCA), which holds students accountable for their progress. PCAs are personalized for each student and evolve as he or she makes progress towards his or her goals.


It is important to note that since the purpose of ADHD life coaching is to guide students into becoming independent individuals, the family will attend life coaching meetings as needed after the first meeting. It should also be recognized that life coaching is a journey and most students need at least 3 months to get into a routine and become successful with the goals they set with their coach.


Although ADHD life coaching is a fairly new concept, studies about the JST model found that students believed coaches had a unique ability to help them establish more realistic goals, maintain motivation and effort, and develop new time management and organizational strategies that minimized the impact of their ADHD. Furthermore, coaching services were able to give support service to students with ADHD without duplicating existing campus supports such as tutoring, strategy instruction, and Disability Services accommodations. *


Put your student on the path to success now!




Please note: While we strive to help all students that come to us for assistance, our staff may not have the training to aide those with severe disabilities and will assist in making referrals to a specialized source for those students outside our expertise.


*Information provided by the article "Self-Control in Postsecondary Settings: Students' Perceptions of ADHD College Coaching" by David R. Parker, Sharon Field Hoffman, Shlomo Sawilowsky and Laura Rolands

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