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Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes

Students can often make 2 to 4 years gain
in reading and/or math in only 6 to 8 weeks!

We are pleased to offer three Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes:  (1) Visualizing and Verbalizing® Program for Cognitive Development Comprehension & Thinking, (2) Seeing Stars® Program  for Reading Fluency & Spelling and (3) On Cloud Nine® Math Program Visualizing & Verbalizing for Math.  Lindamood-Bell has pioneered programs to develop processes that underlie reading, spelling, math, language comprehension, attention, memory, and critical thinking.  The programs are for students of all ages.  

Examples of common problems solved by Lindamood-Bell :

1.  Weak concept imagery:  Michelle reads words accurately, but she can't comprehend the content.  Words seem to go in one ear and out the other.  She can't hold information in short or long term memory.  People think she is not trying, and she has been labeled as "attention deficit."  Answer:  Visualizing and Verbalizing® Program for Cognitive Development Comprehension & Thinking

2.  Weak symbol imagery: John has learned phonics and can sound out words, but his phonetic processing is slow.  He doesn't recognize words.  Answer:  Seeing Stars® Program for Reading Fluency & Spelling

3.  Weak math skills:  Nick has difficulty learning math concepts and computations.  He cannot think with numbers.  He has been labeled with "dyscalculia" or as having a mathematics disorder. He cannot process math concepts, remember math facts, or do word problems.  Answer:  On Cloud Nine® Math Program Visualizing & Verbalizing for Math

Our staff may complete a diagnostic learning evaluation in any of the following areas:

  • measure oral vocabulary;
  • oral language comprehension;
  • visual memory;
  • phonemic awareness;
  • symbol imagery;
  • word attack;
  • word recognition;
  • reading comprehension;
  • spelling;
  • math.

An explanation of the diagnosis, strengths, weaknesses and instruction are offered during an initial consultation appointment. Recommendations are given for the type and duration of instruction.

For maximum gains, suggested instruction may be:

1.  Regular - one hour per day, number of times per week (to be determined), for four to six months;
2.  Intensive - four hours per day for six to eight weeks, usually during summer months.

Maintenance is personalized to meet the student's needs.  

Lindamood-Bell is priced separately from our subject tutoring.  Click here for fee schedule.

Get started today by booking your initial consultation.

"I loved Sue!!! She was so awesome! We came looking for enrichment as my child currently makes good grades. Sue was exactly what I was looking for. Sue offered to Skype with us (which we may in the future) but my 12 year old son who is somewhat lazy, insisted we come every week because he loved her so much. We will be driving 1 hour once a week to see Sue. I own my own business and I know how important it is to have someone work for you that reflects the owners love and enthusiasm for what you do, you certainly have that in Sue. She's a gem!"
- Melanie Eckley

Lindamood-Bell Disclaimer: Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes®, Inc. in no way guarantees the quality of the materials or services that may be supplied by Jamie Dickenson, LLC.  Jamie Dickenson, LLC is not affiliated with, certified, licensed, monitored or sponsored by Lindamood-Bell Processes, Inc., Nanci Bell, Phyllis Lindamood or Pat Lindamood.

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