Jamie listens to her clients!



At Jamie Dickenson, we believe that customer satisfaction is a top priority.  Jamie uses Listen360 as her client listening solution.  It enables her to engage her clients and analyze their feedback in real time.


Jamie has her Listen360 customer satisfaction program linked with her online appointment scheduling software.  Feedback requests happen automagically! However, for those who would like to know how the magic actually happens, here are a few examples.


There are three primary types of interactions with our clients which trigger an email: 

  • A new client visiting for the first time. 
  • A scheduled appointment for a new or different service.
  • A repeated appointment for the same service.


You will receive an email from Jamie asking you two simple questions:


1.  How did you like your service?

2.  What can we do better?


Jamie wants your feedback to make sure that she and her staff are providing you, not only with the best possible service, but the right service.  Jamie personally reviews all of your feedback.  She commends her staff for their good work and addresses any problems or issues mentioned by her clients.


As an added bonus, you will receive Extra Credit Rewards points for providing feedback!




Thank you for your business!

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