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Online Test Prep for the ACT, SAT, & PSAT


Try Jamie's approach to mastering the dreaded college entrance tests with the web-based system, Naviance Test Prep, that creates personalized weekly schedules, including interactive lessons, practice quizzes, and intermittent full-length tests.



One of Jamie's goals is to help students face standardized testing head on.  Jamie wants her students to be totally prepared, not have anxiety, kill their test the first time, and be finished.  She understands that test prep is not "one size fits all".


Now, she is offering another option for her students.  Jamie uses an adaptive learning, web based platform that diagnoses each student's individual strengths and weaknesses then creates a personalized study plan based on their needs and timelines.  


As students progress through the course, the program adapts to them.  With our online test prep, students maximize the time spent studying for their PSAT, SAT, and/or ACT exams.


The course takes between 60-80 hours to complete.  Study time is automatically calculated based on the amount of time before the student's test date.  For example, if a student has 4 months to prepare for their test, they will have approximately 3-5 hours of study time per week.  Study time per week may increase if the test date is sooner.  If a student does not complete all of the recommended study time in a given week, the lessons and quizzes that were not completed will be redistributed back into the student's remaining weekly schedule.



Start 4 months before your test date for best results!


Online Test Prep take out the guesswork.  Here's how:
  • Pick your ACT, SAT, or PSAT test date.
  • Take a diagnostic test.
  • The program adapts to the your strengths and weaknesses.
  • It's academic, not just the tips and tricks of test taking.
  • The program creates a daily study plan.
  • Your study plan is based on your diagnostic and timeline. 
  • Meet with our staff online to review your plan.
  • Our staff continues to monitor your schedule.
  • Narrative lessons make it more interesting. 
  • Parents get weekly progress reports from us. 
  • Start months before your test if you don't have a lot of time. 
  • Start now if your test date is rapidly approaching. 
  • It will maximize your study time. 
  • Prep online, 24/7. 
  • Pay only for the number of weeks you need to prep. 
  • Weekly study halls on Sundays from 2:00 to 5:00 pm.


Self paced course:

$29 per week

Does not include staff assistance.

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"Thanks Jamie Dickenson for the online ACT prep course.  My daughter, Kaitlyn Akers, improved her composite score from 29 to a 32.  An even more impressive was the jump in score for science from a 25 to 34!"
-Libby Akers

"Dominic took the ACT in September after completing only 1/4 of the online test prep course. He raised his score by 3 to a 27. He raised his reading 11 points to a 32! Impressive!"
-Kathy Raymond

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