Start the Semester Strong! Play Offense!


Goals are scored by the offensive team.  Set your goals high and start out strong this semester.  Put one of our tutors on your starting team and be offensive with your grades. 


Don't do the "typical teenager" thing of procratinating until grades have dropped and then try to play defense.  Do the math!  It is much better to start out with help and then drop tutoring when you have a good grasp on the subject with higher grades.


 A few tips for offense:


Get organized!  The best way to start the semester strong is to have a plan.  Just adopting a plan can be overwhelming.  We can help!


Find a quiet place to study!  Make a resolution to have better study habits.  You can always come to our place to study.


Say "NO!" to overcommittment!  Realisticly evaluate your time and set your priorities.  Say "YES!" to a little peace of mind.



Book a weekly appointment for 4 weeks and then reevaluate. 



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