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Test Prep Roadmap




Recommended for 10th, 11th, and 12th graders


Students normally take a college entrance test to be submitted with their applications for review by the college admissions office. These tests, specifically the SAT and ACT, are well known for being stress-inducing and costly for students that take and retake them, trying to achieve a higher score.


Our most frequently asked questions are:

1.  "Should I take the ACT or the SAT?"  
2.  "When should I take it?"
3.  "How do I get ready for it?"

What if you could figure out which test you would score better on and focus on its content from the beginning saving you time, effort, engery and money?


Jamie has good news - you CAN! With our Test Prep Roadmap, students will meet privately with our staff to determine which test they should take, when they should take it, and how they are going to prep for it.  Students can take practice tests which will help determine their scores on both tests and break down their results so they know which test they will do best on, and which areas are their weakest.


Jamie offers practice ACT and SAT tests.  We will help you pick which method of test prep you want to use after you know which test you naturally test best.


Cost is $65.00 plus tax for your Test Prep Roadmap appointment.



Take ACTion today so you don't waste a SATurday!


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