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Study Skills        




There is a difference between doing homework and studying.  Homework is the student's responsibility.  Students may complete their homework but we often find that they don't know how to study.  Meeting with one of our tutors to discuss study skills is great for students who want to improve their performance in the classroom. During the first consultation with a student, our tutors attempt to figure out weak areas and set up a schedule to fine-tune their study skills so that he or she will be more likely succeed. These one-on-one meetings offer students personalized information, tricks, and tips for developing excellent traits and habits that can put them on the path to achieving higher academics. See the descriptions of all the study skills we offer below. 





Do you find yourself daydreaming in class? Do you sometimes read the same question over and over again on your homework? Do you find yourself getting frustrated with school because you just can't focus? Great news, this study skill is for you! 


Exam Strategies

So many teachers, so many different types of tests to take… If only you could approach them the right way! By signing up with a tutor for Exam Strategies, you can. Learn different techniques for different types of tests in the classroom setting, as well as how to manage test anxiety, so that you can conquer any exam laid before you!



Grammar is undoubtedly one of the hardest subjects to understand in English class. Understanding grammar takes time, and it takes a lot of practice. Get a review of your basic grammar skills and improve your grades in your English class - or any class that requires composition.  If you aren't sure where you need help, don't worry! Our tutors are prepared to discuss: punctuation, run-ons, sentence fragments, subordinate and independent clauses, verb forms/tenses, subject/verb agreement, pronoun forms and cases, shifts in pronoun person or number, pronoun/antecedent agreement, adjective/noun agreement, adverb/verb agreement, comparative and superlative modifiers, misplaced modifiers, and idioms.


Listening and Note Taking

Have you ever found yourself sitting in a classroom, listening to the teacher, when all of the sudden you have no idea what she just said? You look at your notes and see nothing but "TEST TOMORROW" written at the top and realized that you are doomed… No longer will this be your destiny! Listening and Note Taking will help you find out how to hone your ears to any teacher's lecture to find key points AND how to record them in your notes efficiently. Tune in - not out!



Juggling 4-7 classes is rough for any student, and committing all of that material to memory seems impossible! There just has to be a better way, don't you think? Well, there is! Step outside of the index card sized box and increase your brain's capacity for memorization.


Motivation and Procrastination

For some students, school can be a real drag. They just can't find a reason to engage with the material, and they put everything off until the last minute, even those big projects and research papers! But all of that can change with a little more motivation and a little less procrastination. Find out how you can get the most out of yourself (and school)!



Is your binder overflowing with papers? Can't find anything in your backpack? No space left under your bed to cram the things laying in your floor? If the answer to any of these questions is affirmative... you are probably an unorganized person, and that isn't a good thing. Being unorganized can cause unnecessary stress and problems in your life. Take control of your life by learning strategies that will enable you to embrace the art of organization.



In today's fast paced, digital world, many students do not realize that simply copying and pasting information for an assignment is considered plagiarism and can thus have serious consequences on their grades. Plagiarizing, as defined by Webster's Dictionary, is "to steal and pass off the ideas or words of another as one's own," or, "to use another's production without crediting the source." Even if the act of plagiarism is unintentional, the student will usually receive a failing grade on the assignment, a note in their academic records, and can fail the course for a second offense. Don't take the risk of plagiarizing - learn how to cite correctly and protect yourself! 


Programming Your Calculator for Algebra

Algebra: the first math course every high school student takes to get onto the path of higher math. It can be hard and it can be frustrating, but a TI calculator* can help a student do anything math related. Thus, it is important for all students to be acquainted with and involved with their calculator to ensure that they can do their problems efficiently.  Find out how to enter programs that will make algebra easier, and unlock all the secrets you never knew your calculator had! 

For calculator models TI-83 up to TI Inspire.


Programming Your Calculator for Calculus

How many students does it take to program a TI Calculator* to do calculus? Just one! You! Find out how to enter programs that will make Calculus a cake walk. Plus, you will learn all the capabilities you never knew your calculator had! 

For calculator models TI-83 up to TI Inspire.

Study-Skills~~element64 Programming Your Calculator for Standardized Tests

Math on standardized tests like the ACT and SAT can be tricky - you don't know what type of problem you will get, and sometimes you don't even have your calculator programmed to do it! Find out which programs to enter into your calculator that will take the stress out of standardized tests! You will also learn about all the functions you never knew your calculator had!

For calculator models TI-83 up to TI Inspire.

Study-Skills~~element68 Public Speaking

Did you know that glossophobia (fear of speaking in public) is recognized as one of the most abundant phobias world wide? That's pretty bad news if you are a student, because most (if not all) of your classes will require you to do a speech or a presentation at some point. Do you have the fear in you? Well we have some good news if you do - we can help you get over it and become a confident public speaker! Find out how to overcome your anxiety and use techniques that will make you stand out from your peers!


Reading and Vocabulary

If you have gotten into the habit of only reading your friend's tweets and text messages... you might have some trouble staying focused long enough to read Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. And if you aren't used to writing over 160 characters, your vocabulary probably hasn't blossomed yet. So, it's time for you to quit htc-ing because we are smh-ing (or to be grammatically correct, h-ingtc and s-ingoh). Prove to yourself that you can engage with more mediums than your phone and have a vocabulary that is not texting-exclusive. 


Time Management

Having classes all day and extracurricular activities all evening can really eat up your time. You're lucky if you have time to crack open a book to get your homework done, let alone study! But all of that can change! Discover methods to maximize your time throughout the day so that you can get more things done and even maximize your free time.



Writing Skills

Writing academically is a science, and for some students it is difficult to master. Sometimes they don't know how to set up their thesis statements for different types of papers, and sometimes they have issues selecting an appropriate topic to write about or they have difficulty transitioning between their ideas so that their paper flows eloquently. If you are struggling with writing, learn the basic steps to success in writing assignments.

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