Summer Spanish Camps
Start Monday
For Grades 1 - 12


 If you can’t show your kids the world this summer, why not bring the world to them by enrolling them in a camp where they will be immersed in Spanish language and culture?

Our Summer Spanish Camps are a terrific way for kids from grades 1 through 12 to learn Spanish while enjoying summertime fun. Students spend each week immersed in an exciting part of the Latin American world. Our dynamic, experienced team are native-speaking and fluent teachers. Students spend each day moving from one activity to the next, including special "No English!" times, designed to provide an immersion experience while still allowing for a ton of fun. A week or more of our Summer Spanish Camps are guaranteed to boost your student’s Spanish proficiently!



The Details

Days: Weekly classes Monday - Friday
Times: Various throughout summer to accommodate all campers (see weekly schedule)
Grades: 1 through 12
Class Levels: Elementary through AP Spanish
Class Size: Maximum of 10 students
Program Price: $149/week or $299/week
Place: 888 Oakwood Road, Suite 200, Charleston, WV
Fees: Tuition is for a full week. We do not pro-rate tuition per day.
Missed Sessions: Students will have the ability to make up any missed days during a future weekly session of the same class level, subject to availability.
Snacks and lunch: Not provided so students should bring their own snacks. Please be aware that we are nut free environment.
Certification: Students will receive a certification for Spanish language study at the end of the camp.

Increase Proficiency

Students don’t need to know any of the language when they arrive at our Summer Spanish Camps. They’ll be surrounded by kids their age who are also interested in making friends, having fun, and trying new things. They’ll enjoy the authentic games, arts and crafts, sport, and songs of the Spanish culture. Prepare to be amazed by how much they will learn and how fast the week flies by!

Students may sign up for any or all weeks. Attending additional weeks of our Spanish Camps has the advantage of students really coming away with a substantial amount of new information that can be used to help them gain increased confidence for their Spanish class in the fall. Students will learn more, understand more, and remember more. They’ll be speaking in Spanish with ease and confidence before you know it!

Register Early

Parents of students who haven't had much exposure to Spanish, are encouraged to purchase weeks early in the summer. No week is a prerequisite for the next. In fact, all topics each week are different. But for those who have stayed longer, we do revisit topics from other weeks and knowledge will build up. The fact that there are students who do the entire program, makes the level go up week after week, so the last 2 or 3 weeks are a little more challenging than any other weeks.

For students interested in becoming totally proficient in the Spanish language, adding all eight weekly summer camps may be the perfect answer!

Students are admitted into sessions according to the grade or subject they will be entering in the fall. They can go back to any class level for a refresher at any time but may only move up to the next class level with teacher approval after completing their original class.

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