Test Anxiety 


For students age 12 or older

Two Hour Initial Evaluation
One Hour Follow-up Appointment

Most students are familiar with some degree of test anxiety – uneasiness or feeling unprepared prior to a test, especially an important one.

The problem is more serious for a great many others who suffer from a lack of confidence, dread, fear and inability to concentrate while taking an exam. Some students even “draw a blank” when it comes to facts and figures they’ve studied and otherwise know.

In this initial evaluation, we will help you identify your test anxiety levels. You will be given instruction and training on how to control your stress level to reduce the effects of test anxiety in your two hour initial evaluation. Based on your personal recommendations, we will schedule an hour follow-up session.

The benefits gained from our Test Anxiety Evaluation may include:
  • Reduced anxiety before, during and after tests.
  • Increased test scores and overall academic attitude and performance.
  • Shift into "the zone" quickly and routinely for academic work, athletics and more.
  • Ramp up and revitalize energy for school and love of learning.

The cost of the two hour initial evaluation is $99 plus applicable state and local sales tax. 
The follow-up appointment is $65 plus applicable state and local sales tax.

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