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Tuition Trick #1:

Look for colleges that will cover 100% of demonstrated need.
Without getting into a bunch of complicated statistics, you need to know that there are two types of colleges: those that will meet 100% of demonstrated need and those that don’t.  You need to understand this formula if you have a college bound student.

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What that means to you

If it costs $60,000 to go to College A, but your EFC is only $10,000, and College A will meet 100% of your demonstrated need, that means they may come up with ways to cover the rest of the cost so you only pay $10,000.

If College A does not meet 100% of demonstrated need, that means you’ll end up scrambling for ways to pay more than you can afford -- which could mean outside scholarships, student loans, personal loans, or otherwise finagling your finances to make it work.

A college that covers 100% of demonstrated need will find a way to get and keep great students.

Don’t take on college planning alone!

You’re a parent, and as such, you’re used to juggling a million balls at once. But college planning is one ball we strongly encourage you not to take on by yourself.

Helping families plan for college is all we do, and we’ve been doing it since 1998. We’ve helped thousands of families find the right college for their children and pay for it without putting a second mortgage on their home. With all you’re already doing, you can’t put the energy into the process that your child deserves. And the consequences of making the wrong choice here can echo through their entire life.

About Jamie Dickenson

Jamie Dickenson, Certified Educational Planner, believes that every student deserves affordable college planning.  She has been helping families navigate the frustrating and expensive world of college education since 1998. She and her staff have helped thousands of students get into, pay for, and succeed in college. No matter if you’ve got a toddler or a high-schooler, her team can put you and your child on the road to long-term success.  

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