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Tuition Trick #7:
Work-Study Works

The Federal Work-Study Program allows students with demonstrated financial need to work on or off campus to earn money for educational expenses.  It is an added bonus in financial aid by giving students the opportunity to work without their earnings being detrimental to financial aid next year.

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The benefits of the work-study program include:

- Any money earned is not counted against the following year’s financial aid formula. It won’t lessen the amount of aid your child receives the next year.

- Work-study encourages community-service or major-related work, making it more intrinsically beneficial to your child that slinging burgers.

- It’s available to full or part-time students at any educational level.

College planning DOES NOT cost too much. Here’s why…

Every dollar we can save you in paying for college goes back into your pocket. Our services aren’t cheap because good things aren’t cheap and cheap things aren’t good. College planning services will cost you a couple thousand dollars now, but it will save you many more thousands by graduation time. So it’s an investment, not an expense. You are investing your money with us, and we are investing our knowledge and time with your child.

About Jamie Dickenson

Jamie Dickenson, Certified Educational Planner, believes that every student deserves affordable college planning. She has been helping families navigate the frustrating and expensive world of college education since 1998. She and her staff have helped thousands of students get into, pay for, and succeed in college. No matter if you’ve got a toddler or a high-schooler, her team can put you and your child on the road to long-term success.  

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