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If you want your student to be smart in a safe collegiate environment with scholarships so you can sleep, you are at the right place!

Jamie feels strongly about preparing her students for success in college. Laying the foundation for a fortuitous academic career should begin as early as 1st grade so that both students and and their parents feel confident about choices made upon graduation. Jamie wants to help you with through the transition from high school to college.  Our services include: college planning, tutoring, test prep, study skills, life coaching and financial aid.


Services~~element77College Planning

The decision to send a child to college is one of the biggest emotional and financial decisions a family will ever make. Students and parents often have many tasks ahead of them during this process, such as selecting a career and college as well as applying for financial aid. Jamie provides college planning services for all of these, and can start helping you plan your future as early as 8th grade.




There is a strong correlation between a student's success in the classroom and his or her success in life. Students need to understand why they should make good grades and that it is possible to make them in all subjects. Jamie's tutors offer personalized sessions in all high school subjects to help students get through difficult material.





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 Academic Intervention

  Our highly qualified staff uses evidence based practices, resources, and implemented with discretion and fidelity. The comprehensive testing is not only for treatment, but for academic accommodations and self knowledge. We want to build trust and respect among families.  Accepting students ages 5 through 21, private pay only.




Services~~element92Test Prep

Standardized testing is one hurdle every college bound student will encounter. Having high scores on the ACT and/or SAT may influence the likelihood of a student being admitted to the academic institution of his/her choice. Scores can also influence eligibility for merit-based scholarships as well as course placement and academic advising.  We offer prep for graduate testing as well.



Services~~element78Study Skills

For some students, studying material may be a very difficult task. This can cause anxiety and make academic life much more difficult. Students need to study smarter, not harder.  Jamie's tutors teach students study skills to help make their time in high school a more enjoyable and successful experience.




Services~~element97Life Coaching

Students sometimes sabotage themselves in the classroom by the poor mistakes they make in their personal lives. It is important for students to make right decisions because personal issues can also affect a student's academic success. Jamie's staff members specialize in life coaching, including support for ADHD students, and teach students how to respond to changes throughout life and adopt healthy habits that will help them maintain academic stability.



Photo Shoot 001  Financial Aid

Jamie spends a lot of time with students making sure that they find a college that is the "right fit."   Because of her strong financial background, she feels that the student's college choice should also be the right fit for the family pocketbook!  She calculates net out-of-pocket costs per college once the student receives all of their financial aid award letters so that the family can make an educated decision based on actual facts.





"A child who always forgets has a parent who always remembers." - Amy McCready

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